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Mischievous humour
'With seeming effortless style Niala Maharaj brings her
innate Trinidadian sense of irony and mischievous humour
to her close observation of Indo-Trinidadian family dynamics
in this story of a man negotiating his talent and trust
through the chaos of greed, friendship, envy and a need
for love to bridge the sense of aloneness that characterises
life in modern Trinidad. We watch his progress with a sense of
dread even as we invest in his success. I couldn’t put it down.'

      Christopher Laird
      Television Producer & Poet
      Trinidad and Tobago

Lucky readers

'Reading Niala Maharaj is as funny as listening to her. And I
can tell. Listening is great fun. She has endless amounts
of stories. I couldn’t stop reading either. I know this
doesn’t make me an objective reader, but hey, we’re
adults. If the book were shitty, would I take the effort
and lie about my impression of it? No. Trust me.

I couldn’t stop reading for sure. Niala’s funny conversations,
observations, her description of the characters glued me to
the book. I needed to know what would happen to Ved, Anji
en Nerissa. How would Ved grow older? Would he be happy?
Would he make it? Would he stay good ol’ Ved? Would he love
Anji forever?

But most of all I wanted to know how Ved’s mother
would react.

In the end I couldn’t decide whether I felt sorry for
Anji or not. The problem was I already loved Nerissa
too, she deserved her happy ending and her man
she had been waiting for so long.

Lucky for me and for all you readers! And do we want
more? Yes we do. I am considering to set up an
Anji/Niala fanclub! Looking for members. Read the book
and join the club. You will absolutely enjoy it. Don’t
forget to mention it to Oprah.'

      Patricia Collette
      Policy Advisor
      Amsterdam City Council