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My first novel, Like Heaven, was conceived in Tuscany.

In late 2004, I was staying with Tuscan friends, being bombarded with seasonal delicacies, wines and conversation, being carted around from one unbelievable delight of landscape to the other. I began to dream of a story to do with heaven and hell…

Siena HouseOf course I return to Tuscany often, to a centuries-old, restored villa on a hillside belonging to the Micheli family - who nurture my writing impulses with the most exquisite, organically-grown food, wines from the vineyards that stretch as far as eye can see, and the conversation of people who think of culture in terms of centuries…

This June, when Tuscany is at its best, you are welcome to join me. Sally Sontheimer-Micheli and I are organising a one-week writing holiday. You can spend seven days expanding your skills in fiction-writing while exploring this famous environment. All meals will be provided by locals and will introduce you to the region’s seasonal delicacies. You will be a guest of the Micheli family and will therefore have the opportunity to discover Tuscany in a way most tourists can only dream of.

And you will be in the company of other aspiring writers, be able to swap stories, and create a more long-lasting writing support community.

To find out more, go to the Like Heaven Writing Holiday website.