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The winner

It was difficult to select finalists out of the nearly 100 entries we received. There was some very fine writing. We wish to congratulate the following people for writing very fine stories that moved us and added to our lives: Richard Leo Barrett, Tom Bentley, Gina DaMaia, Jonathan Gurling, Leigh Hancock, Gimbiya Kettering, Nancy Malek, Samara McDowell, Polly Nelson, Sue Orenstein, Robert Ronsson, Lucas Shane Triplett, Emily Waples, Louise Wilford, and Sharon Wright.

Three finalists were eventually chosen out of the shortlist and we want to commend their writers for sending us stories that we read with pleasure over and over. Those writers were: Lucas Shane Triplett, Samara McDowell, and Robert Ronsson.

The judges had a very difficult time selecting an overall winner out of this list, but were finally able to do so. We are very proud to announce that

The Winner of the Like Heaven Short Story Competition is
Robert Ronsson

Further details about our winner and writers of short-listed stories, as well as copies of the winning story and shortlisted entries will soon be placed on this site.

Thank you for a very enjoyable reading experience.